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Brilliant method of replacing missing teeth, and supporting dentures


The most common fear when it comes to dentistry is of pain when having treatment. We practice painless dentistry for all of our patients,


Winning Smiles Implant Dentistry provides 'same day' full arch implants and replacement teeth.

In the last few years, Dr Fennell at Winning Smiles has helped develop a way of creating and placing full jaw replacement teeth on the same day. This very special technique costs less, is more convenient for patients and they look stunning. Best of all, we haven't found anyone that we can't treat.

The WeldOne System
The WeldOne Dental Implant system allows us to deliver a bespoke Same Day Teeth Replacement Service.
This revolutionary new technique is mostly used for full arch, whole jaw new teeth, although it is also suitable for partial jaw treatments.

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What makes us different..


Modern techniques and materials have enhanced dentistry. Teeth can work better, look fantastic all achieved in much less time.


The team at Winning Smiles consult with leading practitioners all over the world, to enhance the skills we need for top class dentistry


To provide our patients with the very best that modern dentistry can offer, we constantly seek to improve our service.


With an in house Digital CT Scanner, there are no surprises. All treatment is planned with precision.


We practice pain-free dentistry, and patient centred care. It is natural to be concerned, but there is never any need for discomfort,


Natural teeth can be breathtakingly beautiful, we are proud to create and restore teeth to the way nature intended

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